Top 25 Sports Wardrobe Malfunctions

Ever heard of a wardrobe fail? It’s an unfortunate incident in which clothing choices go awry, or fall apart (literally). Yes, it’s hard to look good when you’re sweating it out on the field, but at least wear clothes in a way that benefit you, instead of hinder you. Right? Alas, accidents happen. Here are the best (or worst) sports wardrobe malfunctions to ever be captured.

25. Olga Graf

In a near miss malfunction, Russian Speed Skater Olga Graf accidentally unzipped her uniform to expose a wide open chest region, while celebrating her bronze medal win in the Sochi Games.

Before things got out of hand, or popped out, Graf realized her mistake and zipped herself back up. You have to admire her positive attitude through the situation.

The image was obviously featured in Maxim, because why wouldn’t it be? We can come together in solidarity for her support.