The 15 Least Talented Children of Famous Athletes

The phrase, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ gets thrown around a lot. While it is true that children take after their parents in many ways, it is also true that they will never be as skilled as their parents in certain areas. The following youngsters have tried and failed to eclipse the lofty standards of their daddies.

1. Ryan Ripken

Being the son of a Baltimore hero would make things awkward when you’re drafted by the Washington Nationals. After the Orioles had their chance by drafting him in the 20th round of the 2012 Amateur Draft, they dumped Ripken quickly. With the 454th pick in the 2014 draft, The Nats selected the namesake, which ruffled many fans of the Orioles. In terms of the player himself, there isn’t a lot to get excited about. His biggest asset is that Ryan is very young. As a 20 year old he only batted .157 in the Gulf Coast League, but he vastly improved in 2015 hitting .250. Fans are still waiting, and hoping for Ripken to make the cut as a big leaguer. Will it happen? And will it be as Hall of Fame-tastic as Cal’s illustrious career? Probably not.