15 Athletes Who Have Dated Jaw Dropping Pop Stars

A wise man once said, “Children look up to athletes for their skills on the field. Adults look up to athletes for their skills away from the field.” Yes being young, fit, and rich has a myriad of perks, especially if you are a gregarious individual. The athletes on this list are definitely part of that category. All we can say is congratulations men. You’ve done it. But they probably know that already. The following athletes have gotten closer to pop stars than we ever will, even through Spotify.

1. Matt Kemp and Rihanna

KEMP: Net Worth: $55 million
RIHANNA: Net Worth: $160 million

Matt currently plays for the Padres, but he used to live in LA for years, making him accessible to all the celebrity females he wanted.

He dated Rihanna for one of those years, which took place after the Chris Brown saga, and was a much needed rebound for the pop star (everyone knows that Kemp is a nice guy).

The pair cited scheduling conflicts as to why they couldn’t remain together. Since then, Kemp has been linked to Kardashians as well as his personal stylist. Nice.